New Foodsave branch opens its doors in Beer!

Foodsave’s new second branch opened its doors on Monday 21st November, working to reduce food waste throughout Beer and Branscombe.

The organisation set up in November 2020 covering Honiton and its surrounding villages. Previously known as Honiton Foodsave, the organisation works to redistribute surplus food from supermarkets, stores and other sources from across East Devon and Exeter. Foodsave has redistributed in excess of 120,000 items since it first opened its doors in Honiton.

Foodsave is open to everyone, with every item redistributed saved from going to waste. Whether you forgot an item in your shopping, or you just want to stop food going into landfill, everyone is welcome to access the service.

An example of the food offered by Foodsave Beer in its first session
Bread and bakery goods on display at Foodsave Beer’s first session

The opening of Foodsave’s second branch marks an exciting expansion of its services, meaning it can partner with more stores and save even more food from going to waste. Foodsave Beer’s sessions will see Foodsave’s overall surplus donation partnerships pass 30 across the region.

A spokesperson for Foodsave Beer said:

“The Foodsave initiative gives us an opportunity to share any surplus food that we receive with everyone. It helps the environment and brings the community together. This is a win-win for everyone, and we look forward to serving the communities in the coming weeks and months.”

Foodsave Beer spokesperson

Jake Bonetta, Chair of Foodsave, is thankful for the hard work of the Beer and Branscombe communities to get the branch going.

“Foodsave is very proud to support Beer and Branscombe through our second branch, working to reduce food waste and simultaneously giving away free food to anyone in the local area. My personal thanks go to the local volunteers, who have worked tirelessly to set this up for the benefit of everyone around them.”

Jake Bonetta, founder and Chair of Foodsave

Foodsave Beer runs every Monday 12pm-2pm and Friday 6pm-8pm from Beer Congregational Church. The service is open to everyone and can be accessed through walk-ins. If you would like to organise a regular delivery of items or have any questions, Foodsave Beer can be contacted via email at and via telephone at 07471 282626. For more information covering all of Foodsave’s work across East Devon, see Foodsave’s website: